Innovation and Development Overview

The Innovation and Development Practice came together as a way to provide the kind of all-encompassing legal service entrepreneurial companies and their founders so urgently need. How? By merging the particular talents of our individual attorneys with the extraordinary breadth of our firm’s practices. The end result is a ‘whole’ strategy that’s greater than the sum of its parts. A strategy singularly designed to maximize any emerging company’s success.

Structured to serve companies with leading-edge products, Innovation and Development helps nurture innovative organizations at every step of their evolution and development, from pre-formation through a prosperous M&A.

Combining BHGR’s experienced hands-on attention with the firm’s team-oriented culture, the Innovation and Development’s managing attorney builds a legal team around each client and familiarizes each member of that legal team with your company’s unique needs. As those needs grow, you can call upon your team to support strategic business planning efforts.

While this strategy is particularly attractive to companies in the science and technology arenas, our unique approach is fitting for any company with an innovative product and inspired developmental leadership.

As a value-add service provided at no additional cost, a BHGR Innovation and Development legal team will seamlessly walk your company through its various growth stages, including:

Relationship Support: Beyond the goals of our formal practice- Innovation and Development takes steps to facilitate relationships between our growth companies and, upon their agreement, more established BHGR clients who may be prospective investors, many of whom may not be aware of these fresh opportunities.

Successful Exits: Investors and founders achieve successful exits with assistance from our experts in business planning strategy, M&A and corporate finance.

Talent Development: Create a strong talent base for your company as you hire employees, through the use of our well-designed employee compensation plans, deferred compensation plans, cap table solutions and litigation prevention, including addressing difficult non-competes.

Our Innovation and Development Attorneys: