Katie Pratt is Panelist at ASAC Special Event

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On February 27, Katie Pratt, BHGR attorney, participated in a panel discussion sponsored by the Education Committee of the American Subcontractors Association of Colorado (ASAC). The presentation was titled Pot on the Jobsite, Amendment 64 Impact!

The 8-person panel, composed of professionals from a wide range of industries including construction, safety, medical, legal, workers’ comp, law enforcement, and the State of Colorado, responded to questions seeking to assess the impact of Amendment 64 to business policies and practices:

• What if a company has a no tolerance drug policy and also an EAP for their employees – is this viewed as a contradiction in policy? 
• How are workers’ comp and unemployment benefits impacted when an employee is injured on the job/injures someone else on the job or terminated due to medical or recreational marijuana use?
• Is recreational marijuana legal? 
• How will OSHA handle marijuana in the workplace?
• Can employers in Colorado ask job candidates about their marijuana use? 
• Do the answers change if we are talking about medical marijuana?

The panel discussion was facilitated by Jeff Wasden, business owner.