Dave Hill Inducted Into The Ancient & Honorable Order of the Water Buffalo

We are thrilled that Dave Hill, a Founding Partner at BHGR, was inducted into The Ancient & Honorable Order of the Water Buffalo by the Water Law Section of the Colorado Bar Association August 24th at the Colorado Water Congress’ Summer Convention in Steamboat Springs. This revered honor is the ultimate peer recognition among water lawyers and professionals within the water community.

Mr. Hill’s expertise and passion for his work are recognized on the official plaque which duly states:

“There is among us a certain cadre of specialists who have distanced themselves from the usual and embraced the task of honoring precious liquids, especially Colorado water. These special individuals have been named in news articles, blasted in political Orations, praised by clients and customers, and hexed by adversaries. They deserve honor from their peers. Be they lawyers, engineers, geologists, politicians, or some combination thereof, their license is not important, while the achievements of these individuals are quintessential.”

Mr. Hill has been practicing law in Boulder for many years, emphasizing the areas of Water, Business Organization, Estate Planning, and Real Property Law. He served in the U.S. Marine Corps, and enjoys hunting, fishing and skiing. Here at BHGR, we are privileged to be surrounded by colleagues who exhibit such high levels of knowledge and devotion to their work, and we could not be happier to commemorate Mr. Hill and his long time legal assistant, Pat Gabel, for their efforts.

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