CEO Roundtable Hosts Panel on Smart Grids & Alternative Transportation

The Boulder County Business Report hosted a CEO Roundtable panel on the essential consumer motivations for buying into renewable energy products or signing up for pilot programs that save energy and money.

Apparently, consumers are willing to change their behavior when there is an immediate benefit in the form of lower prices. If renewable energy can ensure increased cost savings, objections virtually vanish.

Government dollars and tax credits provide incentives to renewable energy businesses such as wind energy and converting gas-powered cars to electricity. However, these incentives are not available indefinitely and when terminated, negatively impact renewable energy research and the availability of energy conversions.

Panelists at the conference included principals and consultants from Xcel Energy, Inc., Navigant Consulting, Inc., Boulder Hybrid Conversions, LLC, Siemens Energy Inc., eGauge Systems, LLC, Zam Energy, LLC, and Homer Energy, LLC.

Berg | Hill | Greenleaf | Ruscitti LLP is a sponsor of the CEO Roundtable, along with EKS&H PC's Boulder office.

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