BHGR Sponsors Annual Boulder Valley Real Estate Conference

Berg Hill Greenleaf Ruscitti LLP was honored to sponsor the annual Boulder Valley Real Estate Conference on Tuesday, November 15th. The event, staged by BizWest, was held at the CU Stadium club in Boulder, Colorado and saw more than 400 attendees including expert panelists, local development officials, real estate investors, brokers, owners, and attorneys. Local industry leaders and icons offered their wisdom and forecasts on a wide range of topics including local commercial and residential markets, future construction projects, and the requisite business acumen necessary to succeed in the real estate industry. Thomas Thibodeau, global real estate capital markets professor and Academic Director of the University of Colorado Real Estate Center in the Leeds School of Business, was the keynote speaker for this year’s event. Thibodeau took the stage to address national, state, and local trends for residential real estate. Furthermore, Dr. Thibodeau speculated on the potential impacts the Federal Reserve may have on mortgage rates in the near future.

Giovanni Ruscitti, Managing and Founding Partner at BHGR, presented on Defective Defects Law. The discussion highlighted the legal difficulties faced by builders in developing condos and single-family homes as well as the prospects for legal reform in the coming year. At the event’s commercial stage, George Berg, Founding Partner at BHGR, joined a group of panelists to examine the knowledge, intuition, and strategy ingrained in development, investment, and ownership within the real estate industry. Both presentations facilitated a tremendous learning opportunity as audience members were encouraged to pose questions and engage in constructive discussion. BHGR Partners Becky Rigo and Peter Schaub also helped to promote a successful event and conferred with several attendees at the Firm’s vendor booth.

For additional information, please visit BizWest’s website at or head to our real estate practice area page.

Becky Rigo, BHGR Partner, managing the Firm booth

BHGR Partner, Becky Rigo, managing the Firm's booth at the event.