Nominees for Colorado Supreme Court Vacancy Announced

Nominees for Colorado Supreme Court Vacancy Announced

Rudy Verner and Ryan Lorch


For perhaps the first time in Colorado’s history, the Supreme Court Nominating Commission nominated three female candidates for the vacancy on the Colorado Supreme Court.  Professor Melissa Hart, Judge Pattie Swift, and Marcy Glenn were nominated to replace Justice Allison Eid, who was confirmed to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals on November 3.

Marcy Glenn practices appellate law and is a partner at Holland & Hart.  Marcy also chairs the Colorado Supreme Court standing Committee on Rules of Professional Conduct and is a member of the Colorado Supreme Court Standing Committee on Colorado Appellate Rules. She was appointed to the Governor’s Board of Ethics by Governor Hickenlooper.

Melissa Hart is a professor at the University of Colorado law school where she teaches ethics and is a director of the school’s Byron R White Center for the Study of American Constitutional Law.  Professor Hart was previously nominated for the Colorado Supreme Court in 2014 after Justice Gregory Hobbs retired.

 Judge Pattie Swift is the chief judge of Colorado’s 12th Judicial District.  Judge Swift has chaired the Colorado Judicial Ethics Advisory Board from 2004-2012 and is also the water judge of Water Division 3.

Governor Hickenlooper has until December 14 to appoint one of the nominees as a justice on the Colorado Supreme Court.